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(3-5hr trip recommended)


REDFISH are for sure the main target in the fall especially big bull redfish that run 15-35lbs. They come inshore to spawn during late September through October and are a blast to catch on light tackle. Resident redfish ranging 1-10lbs are also abundant in the creeks and on the flats.


Sight fishing  for Tailing Redfish is on the flats can still be very good.

SPECKLED TROUT are in abundance in the fall and are a fun fish to catch on light tackle and also an excellent fish to eat. It is not uncommon to catch your limit of Trout in the fall, they average 1.5-2.5lbs.

SHEEPS HEAD fishing  action gets  very good as the water temps drop in the fall & winter months . I target sheepshead near dock and bridge pilings. Usually averaging 2-4lbs but not uncommon to reach 10lbs. A great fighting & eating fish.

FLOUNDER are a great eating fish to catch in the fall in the inshore creeks on live bait or artificial's. Most flounder are 2-3lbs. but occasionally a 4-5 lber is caught.

Other Species: Bluefish, Whiting Black Sea Bass & Sharks.


(3-5hr trip recommended)

REDFISH (Spot Tail Bass): The most popular and sought after fish of our area. Reds can be caught all year long with the winter months being  a peak time for sight casting fly's or artificial's to large schools of feeding fish in two feet of water or less. These winter fish range in size from two to 12 lbs. with the average being four to eight pounds.


Offshore Fishing for big bull redfish, sea bass, flounder and other bottom fish depending on weather and sea conditions can be excellent on the offshore man made reefs 5-15miles offshore Hilton Head.


SHEEPS HEAD fishing as it's prime during the winter, These fish are plentiful near dock and bridge pilings and are a great fighter. Usually averaging 2-4lbs but not uncommon to reach 10lbs. A great eating fish.

SPECKLED TROUTare a great fish to target with artificial's in the winter and are usually much larger during the cooler months. Most Trout are in the 1.5-3lb. range with a few fish that can reach 4lbs


Other Species: Bluefish, Whiting Black Sea Bass & Sharks.


(3-6hr trip recommended)

COBIA begin to arrive in the spring and in large schools in the Port Royal Sound and Broad River. Fish average between 25 and 40 lbs. and it is not uncommon to catch a Cobia over 50 lbs. Fishing with bait is the most common method for catching Cobia but artificial and fly's may be used when sight fishing on calm days.

REDFISH start to work there way up into the marsh flats looking for fiddler crabs to and are spotted tailing in 1-2ft of water. They usually average 4-10lbs.


SPANISH MACKERAL begin to move in good size schools around near shore sandbars and tide rips. They make for some fun light tackle action casting spoons or even flies. Most of these fish are schoolies and only average 1-2lbs. (Spring & Summer)

BONNETHEAD SHARK & many other species of sharks move into the sounds and near shore creeks and average 3-4 ft. Many other species of sharks migrate in as well in the Spring & Summer months) Check out my Shark Fishing page for more information. Click Here

BLUEFISH (are inshore on the sanbars in abundance during the Spring & Summer Months)


Other Species: Ladyfish, Trout, Flounder, Bluefish, Spanish & King Mackeral


(3-6hr trip recommended)

TARPON arrive in the summer months in the Port Royal Sound as well as the back country creeks that surround Hilton Head. Tarpon are one of the most exciting inshore game fish to catch because of there explosive long runs and incredible leaping ability. Tarpon average 75-115lbs. and may reach 150lbs. or more!

Sight fishing  for tailing Redfish is at it's best in the summer. These fish are targeted around high tide in the marsh flats that surround Hilton Head. Averaging  4-10lbs.

JACK CREVALLE school in large numbers on the surface in the inland sounds and are a unreal battle on spin or fly. These fish usually average 15-30 lbs. and Pound for Pound one of the hardest fighting fish that swims.

TRIPPLE TAIL one of the hardest fish to target are usually spotted in the summer floating on the surface in tide rips or near day markers or crab pot buoys. Great sport on light tackle or fly gear  and can get as big as 25lbs. A hard fighting fish and also likes to jump.

SHARKS are in the estuaries, sounds and around sandbars in the summer in great numbers and can average 5-75lbs. or more! Check out my Shark Fishing page for more information. Click Here

Other Species: Ladyfish, Trout, Flounder, Bluefish, Spanish & King Mackeral



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